Study Zone

Welcome to our Study Zone

Roper Tutoring Co. has recently opened a brand new premises in central Kalamunda which includes a newly renovated Study Zone. This space is open to all of our students to use any day of the school week from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.

The Study Zone is equipped with free wifi, charging ports, ample stationery and a quiet, inviting atmosphere which creates the perfect place to get ahead with homework or read a book from our Book Exchange. This safe, secure and comfortable space is designed to encourage your child to get excited about attending tutoring.

We appreciate the significant investment you make in your child’s education, we want them to enjoy the experience of coming to tutoring just as much as we want them to reach their academic goals. We invite our clients to use the Study Zone to its full potential with the hope this special space inspires them to develop a genuine love for learning and commitment to their studies.

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