Tutoring Services

Roper Tutoring Co. provides tailored learning experiences in a unique small group tuition setting ideal for students of all ages and all ability levels.


  • Literacy and Numeracy Development
  • NAPLAN and OLNA Preparation
  • ATAR Course Assessment and Exam Help
  • High School Transition Support
  • Homework Help and Study Skills
  • Support, Consolidation and Extension

Want to know more about what we do and why we believe Small Group Tuition is so effective? Keep reading!

Small Group Tuition

Roper Tutoring Co. offers small group tuition conducted by fully qualified and experienced teachers. Our groups have a maximum of six students, who are grouped together strategically and assigned to a teacher whose area of expertise is suited specifically to the needs of each student. Sessions take place in a private, fully equipped and purpose-designed tuition suite.

These small groups allow our tutors to provide tailored support to each student continuously throughout the hour-long session, effectively differentiating the curriculum and addressing their concerns in person and in real time. Interactive activities and personalised learning experiences help students better understand the content and fill the gaps in their knowledge that is creating stress and worry in regards to their school work. Students bring assessments, exams, homework, study planners and unfinished work from class to get the extra help they need to consolidate their learning and extend their understanding. Our tutors create an engaging and interactive learning environment that naturally encourages collaboration amongst the group.

This is where our students find an even deeper value in our tuition sessions. As their academic results improve, their attitude towards study and homework naturally changes for the better and their self-confidence begins to flourish. Small group tuition gives students an opportunity to learn how to speak up, ask questions and express themselves in a safe and inclusive learning environment. Every day in our sessions students are collaborating and communicating with their peers, learning from them, supporting them, celebrating each other’s wins and offering each other new ways of thinking. We see this self-confidence, resilience and willingness to participate developed at Roper Tutoring Co. translates directly into the classroom and beyond school into the workplace.

Cost: $80.00 per child, per hourly session

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