Tutoring Services

Roper Tutoring Co. provides small group tuition for students in Kindy to Year 12 in Mathematics, English, Science and Humanities.

We specialise in:

  • Literacy and Numeracy Development
  • High School Transition Support
  • NAPLAN and OLNA Preparation
  • ATAR Assessment and Exam Focus
  • Homework Support and Study Skills

Our Tutors

Roper Tutoring Co. employs qualified and experienced teachers who have developed an extensive knowledge of the Western Australian Curriculum and posses areas of expertise that cater specifically to the needs of your child.

Our tutors are adaptable and inspiring educators capable of identifying your child’s best way of learning. We will design a learning program based on their strengths and challenges in the classroom with the aim of meeting and exceeding their academic goals. Using hands-on learning experiences, individual focus and dynamic group discussions, our tutors create an engaging environment that allows students to flourish.

Most importantly, we will inspire your child to develop a genuine love for learning, an innate confidence that fosters a positive attitude towards study and homework, ensuring they are excited to come to tutoring each week.

Small Group Tuition

Roper Tutoring Co. specialises in small group tuition and our sessions are made up of a maximum of 4 students. Students are placed strategically to ensure maximum achievement. We know that small group tuition is the best way for students to learn. Over the past 5 years we have witnessed firsthand how students benefit from the group dynamic created in our tutoring sessions.

The open and shared learning space created at Roper Tutoring Co. fosters a culture of expressive and engaged learners who actively participate in discussions, grow in confidence and achieve greater results. Roper Tutoring Co’s small group tuition creates a richer, more engaging learning experience for your child.

Cost: $60.00 per child, per hour.

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