Book Exchange

The Roper Tutoring Co. Book Exchange is a free community initiative aimed at encouraging our students to enjoy reading for pleasure.

We know that reading for pleasure helps to REDUCE stress, IMPROVE memory and concentration and is PROVEN to make you a better learner.

Our Book Exchange is made up of fiction and non-fiction novels, children’s books and short stories, text books and educational resources and so much more with new titles being added all the time. All students enrolled at Roper Tutoring Co. and their families have full access to our library and can borrow any title they like for up to a month. Look through the library and find a book that speaks to you!

After one month you can return the book and choose another one, or if you want to keep it, simply “exchange” it for a book from home that you have loved but are happy to pass on to someone else.

We want this free initiative to help create a community of inspired learners.

Get involved and get excited about reading!

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