About Us

Our Director

Roper Tutoring Co. was established in 2013 by our Director and Founder Rob Roper. Rob is a qualified primary and secondary Level 3 classroom teacher, a Classroom Management Strategies Specialist and a qualified Conferencing Accredited Trainer.

Everyday in the classroom Rob is responsible for the training and development of other teachers. He is an expert at managing active participation with the goal of ensuring more students are engaged more of the time. Rob has taught in the primary and secondary systems, across both the public and private education sectors. He has also worked as a sessional academic tutor at the tertiary level at the University of Notre Dame, teaching Bachelor of Education students to become skilled and effective classroom teachers.

These varied roles have helped to inform Rob’s teaching philosophy and his ability to build instant and lasting rapport with every student he meets.

Our Story

It was Rob’s exposure to many different ways of teaching and learning that led him to tutoring. Initially Rob offered one-on-one home based tuition, but quickly realised that this model is outdated and ineffective. Students were distracted in their home environments, and their level of accountability and engagement easily waned. Rob used his extensive knowledge of instructional strategies and applied a cooperative learning model and soon found that student engagement increased significantly when working within a small group of students. This specialised small group structure encourages collaboration and accountability and creates an environment that prepares students with the skills they need to achieve real results.

Our Teaching Philosophy

Roper Tutoring Co. will help your child to find their best way of learning. Whether they are a visual, kinaesthetic or an aural learner, discovering how they most effectively engage with the material, understand it and apply it is what we do best. We know how to adapt to a child’s needs and how to nurture their natural learning style. Your child will spend 30 hours a week in the classroom, and it is easy to understand why the prospect of spending more time on a subject they find challenging could feel defeating. We provide a space for your child to grow in confidence and develop a positive attitude towards study, empowering them with skills and strategies to support them in the classroom and beyond. We value good mental health and encourage our students to develop a balanced approach to their academic achievement, ensuring they walk away from tutoring each week feeling happy, inspired and prepared to achieve their goals.